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Annual Wellness Visit Toolkit

 If you have Medicare and want to learn more about the AWV and the preventive services that Medicare covers, please click here

 For educational materials and community resources helpful to address specific health issues that may be
detected during an AWV, Click Here

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a Medicare-covered visit with your healthcare provider to promote wellbeing. It is not a physical exam, but a chance to talk to your provider about how you can improve or maintain your overall health. During the visit, your healthcare provider will conduct routine health screenings to identify possible medical conditions in the early stages and will create or update a personalized prevention plan designed to keep you as healthy as possible. Medicare covers a number of preventive services (including, but no limited to shots, tests for medical conditions, and counseling) at no cost to you. The AWV is the time to find out which of these services would be beneficial to you. The AWV is especially important now, since many people were unable to visit their healthcare providers during the pandemic.



Watch this video for a brief overview of the Toolkit and a demonstration of the AWV

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This toolkit is provided as a guideline only; Medicare specifies the AWV components and providers should use their clinical judgment in their provision for an individual patient. We hope you find the information useful. We welcome any questions or comments you may have about this toolkit; please e-mail us with any feedback. 

Section 1: Introductory Material

This section includes a general overview of the toolkit, links to information on the Medicare wellness visits and preventive services, and a sample process map. The AWV website compares the different types of visits, outlines the necessary components of each visit, and provides billing codes.

Section 2: Pre-visit Materials for Patients

This section includes materials you can consider mailing to your patient to complete before the visit, such as a letter explaining the visit, a sample older adult- focused Health Risk Assessment (HRA), a fall risk assessment and a home safety checklist.

Section 3: During Visit Assessment

This section includes screening tools for depression, fall risk, cognitive function, and substance use; all of these are required components of the AWV. Some may be self-administered, whereas others must be administered/assessed by staff or the provider.

Section 4: Preventive Services and Plans

This section includes sample preventive plans for men and women to track needed preventive services and identify issues to address. Please note that Medicare covers more services than what is recommended by the US Preventive Services Taskforce (USPSTF); a table summarizing key differences is included, as well as links to the CMS and USPSTF websites for more information.

Section 8: Other Information

This section contains information on Advance Health Care Directives, DMV Report form to use if a patient should no longer drive, and tips from experienced geriatricians.