Alzheimer’s Family Services Center is a trusted resource for families in Orange County who live between the promise of a cure for dementia and the daily reality of caring for a memory-impaired loved one. We have 35 years of experience in the provision of compassionate, person-centered adult day services, tailored to meet the medical, rehabilitative, psychosocial, therapeutic, and nutritional needs of individuals from the earliest to most advanced stages of memory loss. Our expert dementia care professionals come alongside family caregivers to provide emotional support, case management, care coordination, information and referrals, linkages to community services, and a host of other supportive services. Our commitment to improve the quality of life of families affected by the Alzheimer’s epidemic has been recognized with an “Excellence in Care” program distinction by the national Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, a recognition exclusive to dementia care settings that meet nationwide standards for quality of care and performance.


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