SoulRapha is a Nonprofit Organization leading the charge to end senior isolation and loneliness throughout Orange County, CA. Rapha is the Hebrew word for healing. Soul healing is what Older Adults living in skilled nursing, assisted living, board and care, and memory experience with authentic engagement. SoulRapha keeps residents in aging care facilities connected to love and community.

SoulRaphian Ambassadors and volunteers work to lessen the devastating effects of senior isolation and loneliness. Holistic Senior Care treats older adults based on an understanding of their physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. We believe everyone deserves to be understood, respected, embraced, and celebrated. We value collaborating with others to ensure all have the opportunity to live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Our senior engagement program offers a broad range of culturally-appropriate and resident-inspired topics. Content that seniors are interested in, makes them smile, and makes them feel connected – there is always something for everyone. Modules include Trivia, Word Games, Music & Dance, History, Wellness, Story Time, Faith and so much more. We help facility residents thrive!


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