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Our Mission

Our mission is to create and maintain an integrated network of services that address the needs of older adults and their caregivers in Orange County.

Our Vision

A community where all older adults and their caregivers experience a high quality of life in Orange County.

Action Plan

Develop public policy creating an educational role within the community and with elected officials.
Create marketing strategies focused on utilizing the Collaborative and member agencies to address older adult and caregiver issues.
Maintain our vigilance and knowledge on senior issues in Orange County.
Effect improved access and awareness of available services and enhance the connections between the collaborative agencies as a means of improving resource availability to older adults.

OCASC Volunteer Positions

OCASC Co-Chair: Jim McAleer
OCASC Co-Chair: Holly Hagler
Policy Committee Chair: Mallory Vega
Marketing and Communications Committee Chair: Sherrie Montgomery
Orange County Healthy Aging Initiative Committee Chairs: Dr. Helene Calvet and Dr. Debra Rose
POLST and Advance Care Planning Committee Chair: Patty Mouton
Family Caregiver Committee Chair: Jack Light
World Elder Abuse Committee Chairs: Karyl Dupée and Linda Armas


Membership and Fundraising 

The Membership & Fundraising brainstorms ways to recruit organizations to join the collaborative.


The Policy Committee works to find policies that OCASC can support as a whole to advocate for older adults and family caregivers. The committee also works to build and strengthen our relationships with our local elected officials. This committee also plans for their annual countywide OC Leadership Forum on Aging.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing & Communications committee works on distributing our annual OC Senior Living Needs surveys and hosts a town hall resource event.

Download the pdf for 2016 [320kb]
Download the pdf for 2015 [321kb]
Download the pdf for 2014 [167kb]
Download the pdf for 2013 [209kb]
Download the pdf for 2012 [492kb]

OC Healthy Aging Initiative

Orange County Healthy Aging Initiative (OCHAI) is a committee of OCASC and works on multiple community initiatives to benefit older adults in Orange County.

Click Here OC Older Adult Dashboard

Click Here 2016 OC Older Adult Profile

OC Advance Care Planning Partners

The Advance Care Planning Partners has been providing meaningful event and workshops surrounding the topic of advance care planning.

Family Caregiver 

The Family Caregiver Committee focuses on creating opportunities to show appreciation and gratitude to family caregivers in Orange County. Annual activities include creating and signing Thank You cards and hosting appreciation events to acknowledge the work they do for their loved ones everyday.

World Elder Abuse

In collaboration with the North Orange County Senior Collaborative (NOCSC), the World Elder Abuse committee comes together to plan for the annual countywide event surrounding World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).