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The Orange County Aging Services Collaborative brings together nonprofit and governmental senior service providers who are committed to effectively meeting the needs of our aging community through ongoing coordination.

Just Released! Report on Aging in Orange County 2022

This report, developed for the Orange County Strategic Plan for Aging (OCSPA) collaborative, aims to map that system of senior support available in Orange County, and shed light on it by aggregating and then analyzing the data available in four key areas: disability, the digital divide, food insecurity, and social isolation - specifically as they relate to older adults. To learn more click on the link below.

Member Spotlight

The Cambodian Family

The Cambodian Family promotes social health by providing refugee and immigrant families the opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and desires for creating health and well-being in their lives. Our programs involving health, mental health, youth and civic engagement help families to have a sense of community and to be healthy, happy, self-reliant, and contributing members of society.


SoulRapha is a Nonprofit Organization leading the movement to end senior isolation and loneliness throughout Orange County, CA. Rapha is the Hebrew word for healing. Soul healing is what Older Adults living in skilled nursing, assisted living, board and care, and memory experience with authentic engagement. SoulRapha keeps aging care facility residents connected to love and community.


Saahas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to support South Asian immigrant community in Los Angeles and Orange Counties through four ongoing pillar activities: Older Adult (classes, visitation, health), Women (wellness, parenting, domestic violence and case management support), Youth (social justice, public health, research study) and Community (mental health outreach, service navigation, COVID-19 prevention, cultural integration).

Orange County is a place that creatively nurtures, encourages, and supports every person as they progress through each stage of life. The OC Strategic Plan for Aging has identified key initiatives to improve the lives of older adults in our community. We can all successfully grow older and wiser together.