Membership policy

1. Full members of the OCASC will be nonprofit entities with at least one program that “targets” a senior population.


 2. Governmental entities that serve seniors will be invited to be “Advisory Members” of the OCASC (thereby alleviating issues for those entities with supporting policy statements, etc). Governmental members will have a voice, but not a vote, on the collaborative.


 3. Prospective members will contact Emily Bennett, The candidate agency will then send a guest to an OCASC meeting. After attending one meeting the candidate agency will submit a membership application, which will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and subsequently forwarded to the full membership for a vote. A 2/3 majority is required for membership approval.


 4. Email voting for membership is accepted. An email request for vote will be sent, with a deadline of no less than two weeks for response. No response will be considered a “yes” vote.


 5. Members that do not attend six consecutive meetings will be considered inactive and removed from the membership roles. A new application will be required for those members to be reinstated.


 6. Each full member agency will receive one vote. Advisory members will have a voice, but no vote.